• the best ecig in uk the best ecig in uk
  • the best ecig in uk the best ecig in uk
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo
  • OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo

Reliant 75W Starter Vape Kit (Temp control & Power Mode)


Apollo Reliant 75W Kit (Temp control & Power mode)

OHM GO Vaping Kit by Apollo

Quick Overview

Lasts all day, has a strong build that won't let you down the OHM Battery + 2ml TOP FILLING Portal Tank provides everything you need to get started with a simple plug and play setup and can be used with all types of E-liquid.

For this product, you will get complimentary UK free delivery.

Warning! Please consider to reduce the nicotine strength when you are using a sub-ohm tank (start with 3mg or 6mg), as your e-liquid will taste stronger on sub-ohm tanks than it does through a standard clearomiser.

Note: if you need Replacement Coils go here.

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Sleek… Sexy… Simple!

The OHM Kit is the perfect starter kit for smokers looking to make the change to vaping. Elegantly designed and easy to use, the OHM + Portal provide everything you need to get started with a simple plug and play setup.

OHM Battery - Self-Adjusting up to 50W
The OHM 1900 mAh Battery supplies just the right amount of power to the coil for the perfect vape every time. This means you can use any blend of e-liquid without worrying about settings or performance, it just works. At about the size of a roll of pennies, you’ll be amazed at the clouds this powerful vaping device produces.

Portal Tank – Up to 2ml + Extra Coils
The Portal makes sure you have enough juice (e-liquid) with you while on the go. The two part tank is designed to fill easily with little to no chance of a spill. All-in-one coils are designed to be replaced quickly with no mess - getting you back to vaping in no time. Perfect for higher VG liquids, the 0.5 ohm coil comes pre-installed for your convenience, while the extra 1.0 ohm coil is ideal for higher PG or 50/50 e-liquids. No matter your choice of liquids, flavors, or brands, the Portal gives you performance guaranteed to satisfy any palette.

Elegant Finishes – Stainless Steel or Rubberized Black / White Coating
OHM and Portal are available in 3 finishes to suit any style. Timeless in Stainless Steel, or rugged and sexy in an Ultra-Durable Rubberized Coating to provide excellent hand feel and no-slip grip. The specialized coating protects the OHM from scratching, dirt wipes right off, and keeps it from moving in your pocket or purse, so you never have to worry about it shifting around while on the go.

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Durable, and Extremely Easy To Use, the OHM Kit by Apollo is the perfect starting kit to begin living a smoke-free lifestyle. Kick the butts and upgrade to digital with the OHM Kit today!

Kit Includes:
• OHM 1900 mAh Battery (Pass-Through Charging)
• Portal (2ml) Sub-Ohm Tank (TPD compliant)
• 0.5 ohm Coil (pre-installed)
• 1.0 ohm Coil 
• USB Charging Cable
• User Manual

Please consider to reduce the nicotine strength (start with 3mg or 6mg and increase if needed) when you are using a sub-ohm tank, as your e-liquid will taste stronger on sub-ohm tanks than it does through a standard clearomiser.

Replacement Parts:

OHM 50W Battery


Portal Tank Drip Tip (suitable for DL)

Round Stainless Steel Drip Tip (suitable for MTL)

USB Charging Cable 

  1. If I quit... So can YOU review by Ross E P on 13/07/2017
    Overall product rating

    I'll start by saying that I was (feels strange saying that!) a hardcore roll-up smoker of 20+ years, doing 15-20/day, everyday. I had got fed up with that nagging feeling that I was just slowly killing myself just because I was too weak to say 'no more'. This was my motivation for buying this product.

    I ordered this product as, although I wanted to quit the fags, I didn't know if it was wishful thinking and didn't want to spend 100s on a product that was going to live in the bedside draw. Ordered Tuesday, arrived Wednesday morning, was vaping by lunchtime (I ordered my first eliquid and 5 coils at the same time).

    Was a doddle to set up, the instructions aren't great but it wasn't a Lego Deathstar or nowt. Filled with eliquid, let it soak for 15 whilst charging and took my first step to quitting the fags. For several days I smoked 3-7 fags and caned the vape, it was a new novelty and it tasted so much better than fags. When I say 'caned', I did about 3.5-4ml/day of juice... Quite alot of filling of the 2ml (daft law!) tank as it should always be 50% full. After 3 days of only having the first 3 fags of the day and vaping the rest, I had my first fag-free day in over 20 years... 9 days ago! It CAN, and SHOULD, be done!!!

    Having switched to vaping and used the device as my only nicotine fix here's what I found in use. The battery lasts me around 20 hours in 'typical' (read heavy) use for me. The ability to through charge it and vape whilst doing so is a blessing... I can now 'smoke' indoors of course. I'm using the 0.5 coil and 75-80VG and went for flavours as sweet as possible. Why would I want a vape to taste of tobacco anyways? I also ignored the convention of starting 50/50 18mg liquid and working down, wanted to enjoy vaping from the start... Not have a quasi-fag replacement. I do cane it as I said, but then that's my personality coming into play. It can produce alot of sweet, smooth vape and I think it surprised a few of my box-mod mates in it's abilities. A few smoker mates who have tried it coughed less on my OHM GO than the others' box mods, I think because it's self adjusting and doesn't rip like a mod. I smoke it like I'm taking a 'hit from a bong' which I think is DTL in vape speak, and have got the stainless steel tip on it.

    Yesterday, after 2+ weeks, I replaced the coil. It hadn't burnt out and still worked, but it was starting to taste a bit naff. It's stuff like this that is hard to gauge as a 'noob', no-one vapes the same and no-ones coil lasts the same. When I looked at mine it was absolutely full of crudd, which sort of explains the 'earthy' taste that it had. Coil was changed with a full tank of juice in the tank (it's done from the bottom), this time i soaked the coil from the bottle on install and primed it that way... Better if you ask me.

    Obviously I can't comment of longevity etc, I have only had it a matter of weeks, but it is very well built. There's never a feeling that you are going to cross-thread the various threaded parts, or snap something that could be expensive. I dropped it off my lap through an open car door on to the pavement and broke the original (MTL?) Pyrex tip, but it wasn't to my tastes anyways and it could still be used whilst the stainless one arrived.

    So, finally in conclusion (well done for getting here!), I'm well happy with this piece of kit. I don't smoke fags anymore, not a Nazi about that i just don't personaly smoke anymore but each to their own, but I'm not some vape obcessive either. I have free myself from all the nasties in fags but I'm still a paid-up nicotine addict, all because this product was easy to use, relatively cheap and hasn't got any get-in-your-way problems. Good luck for giving up, this will give you the very best chance of doing it...

  2. Great QUALITY of OHM GO Kit review by Gracjan on 11/07/2017
    Overall product rating

    I am really impressed with a quality of my new vape OHM GO.
    Stainless steel finish make awesome and luxury feeling and look.
    No leakages, good power with sub-ohm tank.

    I am non-smoker but decided to go vaping with Apollo with 0mg Nicotine. Just for a pleasure of vaping with VG.


  3. At last !!! review by Roy B on 10/07/2017
    Overall product rating

    After endless types of vape pens and batteries tried I have received my Ohm kit today early days but build quality is superb I used to have my vape to hand as was almost constantly trying to get the hit I needed after being a 40 a day smoker ... this gives an instant hit with warm satisfying vapour that has meant I can put it down between use ! I would not like to think how much money I have wasted over the 3 years I have been vaping on shoddily built vapes and batteries but I have finally found a kit that ticks ALL the boxes if like me previously you are currently struggling to find a vape that is well built, not a box with complicated set up settings delivers what you need the moment you fill it and use it give this kit a go I for one will not be going back!!!

  4. Can't fault the Ohm Go review by Kevin on 03/07/2017
    Overall product rating

    So good we bought another! Very good build quality compared to others I've seen. Good battery life and you can get a large lung full of vapor in one hit. I would highly recommend this vaporizer! Other people I know with other brands have jumped ship after trying mine and now have one their selves.

  5. Best vape pen ever review by R smith on 28/06/2017
    Overall product rating

    This is the best vape pen on the market iv had loads of different types of vapes nothing matched this in terms ofvape build quality and you can use it at 1ohm or go sub ohm for loads of flavor and vape love it

  6. Very nice product review by Jennifer on 18/05/2017
    Overall product rating

    I really love this ecig! It is well made, you can feel the quality in it, and the battery has a coating which feels soft to the touch. I found it easy to fill in the tank with e-liquid, and it does not leak at all. I am using the 0.5 OHM Atomizer, which gives a nice throat hit. I like the fact that you can use any type of eliquid with it. It is more expensive than other ecigs, but I tried many brands and this ecig is much better quality than the rest. I would highly recommend it.

  7. Great review by Al on 25/04/2017
    Overall product rating

    First time user, liked the simple set up and go, great solid bit of kit.

  8. Love it review by Edy on 24/04/2017
    Overall product rating


  9. Excellent review by Darren on 25/03/2017
    Overall product rating

    Great product. Simple to use. Straight forward guidance to get u going. Everything needed to start vaping. Good clouds and flavour from this simple set up. No worrries for choosing volts or watts. Does it all for u. Simply fill and puff away. Lasts all day for me as a frequent smoker of usually 20 a day. No looking back. Good purchase. Highly recommended.

  10. The best e-cigarette ever! review by vaiPa on 18/03/2017
    Overall product rating

    That is the best cigarette ever! Expensive but worth every penny!
    Don't think - just buy it & enjoy it!

    Just always use 0.5 coils!

  11. Good review by Jude on 27/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    Being a complete novice to vaping I ordered this and it seems fine though I have nothing to compare it to. The instructions were not very clear, I had no idea where to put the eliquid or what a coil is??? So the device is good, the instructions poor

  12. Amazing Product review by DazzVape on 27/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    Used to vape last year but ended up back on the cigarettes and really wanted to stop.

    Trawled the internet looking at reviews and found this kit - looked great on the site - reviews were good so thought I would give it a try.

    Arrived within the time period in neat box and could not believe the quality of the product - I got the stainless still version and it looks sick.

    Easy to setup - recommend 0.5ohm - huge clouds of vape with a great flavour - threw my cigs in the bin after the first couple of hits.

    Website seems to have a lot of great flavours which I can't wait to try - don't hesitate to buy!

    Hoping that the build quality lasts and haven't used any support services from Apollo so cannot comment on that buy initial service with it arriving and description of products is exactly as described on the website.

  13. Still buying em! review by Trina on 26/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    This is my fourth one now. I mostly chain vape and switch between my older ones. I love it becuase there is no messing around with settings and that the coils last ages despite chain vaping. I am a MTL smoker so swapped the drip tip that it comes with to a thinner type that I bought. Just wish they would make a mod box with the power and auto settings the same, and that's only because they are easier to stand up in between vaping.

  14. To powerful review by Sandy on 25/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    Just received today and it's far to powerful blew me away. I first inhaled and wow coughed my guts up. Took another slow drag and did it again. I ordered the 18mg menthol breeze when straight to my lungs. Put it away and went and bought some menthol fags. Now I need advice can't draw long on it to powerful. Any advice from anyone would be grateful. What is the second coil it comes with in the box. Should I change it to get a less hit. Also I am closing the vent not sure if that shld give me less inhale and is it the strength shld I go down even more. Need quick advice please.

  15. Spot on! review by Rich on 18/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    I have used cigalikes and hated the drip from them and moved back to smoking regular cigarettes. After developing a nasty cough i decided it was time to cut them out completely. After a spending a few hours looking at reviews, this product came consistently top. After receiving this a few days ago, i have not smoked one cigarette, and while i won't force myself not to dual for a while. This is a fantastic product, couldn't have made a better purchase my second time around.

    If you are wanting to get into vaping, this is the perfect place to start!

  16. Everything I hoped for! review by Badsneakers on 16/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    Looks great, vapes like a dream with plenty of volume. Solid construction, with nice packaging. Well worth it imho!

  17. very good review by Chris on 13/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    couldn't ask for better

  18. Solid piece of kit review by James on 11/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    High quality , no leaking and generally an awesome bit of kit . Must have for simple set up and go

  19. Excellent review by mike on 08/02/2017
    Overall product rating

    Amazing kit, great value for money. Very easy to use. And Apollo customer service ways first class.

  20. Excellent review by Angela on 13/01/2017
    Overall product rating

    This is the best kit I have ever used and I have been vaping for over a year now. Sub Ohm vaping is the best choice I have made compared to the basic vaping kits I've used in the past. This tank does not leak and the battery last approx a day. I vape a lot throughout the day so surprised the battery lasts so long. I would recommend using the 0.5 ohm coils for a better vape. Highly recommend this vaping kit. Excellent customer service from Apollo.

  21. Good while it lasted review by Matt on 12/01/2017
    Overall product rating

    Very high quality kit for the price, and extremely easy and satisfying to use, this is definitely a good kit for a new beginner, or for anyone who can't be bother to mess about with settings on a box mod.

    However, it unfortunately only lasted me 5-6 months until the battery stopped registering charge (I believe its a fault due to the charging port not registering a charger). A real shame although from other reviews it seems nobody else has had this issue.

  22. Good solid product review by NUTZUK on 07/10/2016
    Overall product rating

    This is a very good vape pen produces plenty of vapour solid construction and just generally well made. Enjoying it so much I'm already considering upgrading from the portal tank to the phaser with the 5.0 tube

  23. ohm go kit review by adam f on 22/09/2016
    Overall product rating

    fantastic bit of kit just given up smoking after 27 years the ohm go kit is very good so easy to use great clouds and taste. Apollo's customer service is first class thankyou for your products

  24. Best on the market review by Lee on 20/09/2016
    Overall product rating

    After a slow start to vaping, experimenting with various drvices, I have to say that this piece of kit is the best I have ever used.
    It's self adjusting feature makes it so easy to use, and with a great 50W battery potential.
    I'm never leaving this piece of kit, can't believe how low the price is!!

  25. Perfect review by Maraschino on 15/09/2016
    Overall product rating

    I'm going to agree with everybody else who gave 5 stars because by reading their reviews I was able to decide this device was best for me. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

  26. Best vape ever review by Mrs T on 09/09/2016
    Overall product rating

    Like other reviewers I have tried many other e-cigs from the single use to cartridges, other kits, some more expensive and some cheaper but I can honestly say that this kit is the Rolls Royce of vapes. I would say that it is just as satisfying as a real cigarette and I have no desire to return to those stinking things. The style and quality are fantastic. I had a small issue with my battery but emailed customer service and the next day I received a replacement.
    This is by far the most realistic smoking feeling out of all the e-cigs I have tried. I will definitely be staying with this brand.

  27. Ohm go kit review by Carol on 08/09/2016
    Overall product rating

    The best device I have had in 4 years of vaping did not want to sub ohm so I use the narrow drip tip. excellent service and really sturdy devices please keep manufacturing these

  28. Amazing review by Kenzatron on 27/08/2016
    Overall product rating

    I actually had a different e-cig but when I tried my boyfriends Apollo ohm one, I had to get one! So good haven't needed or wanted a cigarette since using it :)

  29. You Can Look Buy You won't find better review by Trina on 04/08/2016
    Overall product rating

    Bought two of these in May and had spent 2.5 years becoming increasingly frustrated by the variety of batteries and Clearos/coils I had bought, never giving strong enough draw. The customer service is amazing but even better is that I have found the perfect set up for me after so long. It gives me a really strong draw, the coils last me a reasonable amount of time -2-3 weeks and I'm a very heavy vaper. The only time there is a very slight leak is when it is led on its side, and that's a tiny amount. Charges easily and fairly quickly. The best bit is that I don't have to fiddle all the time with adjustments to power, which you do have to do with the mod boxes. It's a plug in and go, never failing me, and I'm coming up to 3 months use now. Gonna be gutted if they stop making this.
    For a new vaper it's foolproof, tho occasionally I have to get my other half to remove the old coil, as the e liquid does set around the coil, making it hard to remove but this is a tiny minor issue. To my mind this is the best on the market, and with 1900 mah, this lasts me all day n evening till it needs a charge, for a heavy vaper such as me. Buy it, you really won't regret it. Make sure, if you are a new vaper, that after putting in a new coil, you let it rest for a new minutes, or you will burn out the coil. No different to any coil but some you can get away with. Coil gives great flavour. Hoping they have a money off sale soon, so I can get a couple more, as batterie life is obviously shortened now with so much use.

  30. First e-cig and I couldn't be happier review by Darran on 30/07/2016
    Overall product rating

    I used to be a heavy smoker but usually only when at home as work kept me busy. Was a little worried about not having the big square battery (sorry new to vaping and can't remember the name) on those times I was out at the weekend. I honestly used to chain smoke when I was out at the weekend but one charge of this lasted me the whole week. I charged it up again today after 7 days, ready to go out tonight. Gives a nice taste and more than enough cloud for me, but then when I was smoking I wasn't saying hey look at how big a smoke cloud I can do :-D

  31. Excellent Kit to start vaping review by Quasar on 20/07/2016
    Overall product rating

    After doing much research into vaping and looking for a good and solid starter kit, I decided on the Apollo Ohm Go kit and I can say I am very satisfied. It feels very solid, the battery lasts a long time and is recharged in little time, the included 1 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm coils are easily exchangeable and the material feels very nice.
    The vaping itself is very nice and smooth and I don't miss cigarettes at all.
    I have ordered it in white, it looks very good and sleek, but as a tip for other buyers in this color, get a case or something as the material stained slightly already after two weeks of use.

  32. Reall nice product review by Erica on 11/07/2016
    Overall product rating

    Solid build, comfortable to use and taste is so good I dont think about cigarettes.

  33. Love it review by L R on 14/06/2016
    Overall product rating

    I love this this kit .I've only had one issue and that was when trying to undo the clearomiser to add more e liquid the filler got stuck. I really struggled getting it out but did eventually with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately the filler was unusable. Other than that it's been fine. I hope that was just a one off.

  34. Outstanding review by Dave on 01/06/2016
    Overall product rating

    I have dabbled with vaping before in the past and was frankly underwhelmed, I wanted to get away from smoking again and thought I'd give it another go. After much YouTube watching I came across a few reviews for this piece of kit and no one had a bad word to say about it so I took the plunge and bought one. It arrived this morning and after getting it set up i fired it up and WOW absolute billows of smoke as an (ex)smoker i need a good lungful to get a decent hit and this delivers in spades! I am very very impressed with this device. I bought some green party max vg to go with it and it tastes really nice. Overall a very satisfied customer and i would highly recommend this product for anyone thinking of trying or returning to vaping.

  35. best pen review by moe on 28/05/2016
    Overall product rating

    hands down apollo has the best and cheapest pen in the market, tho i don't use the tank that comes with it but prefer the aspire nautilus mini with 1.8 coil, you get the best pen with the best tank..and this is plenty of vape for a regular smoker but if you are a cloud chaser , you can use the original tank but you loose a lot of taste, the aspire nautilus mini is just art of vaping, you get theist taste with no spitting or leaks. and if you are a cloud chaser plus you want the best taste, i use the 5.0 tube with the ASPIRE ATLANTIS tank , because the 5.0 mod is too much power for the nautilus, so it doesn't give you perfect taste with a powerful mod.

  36. Very Pleased :) review by FlettyBEAN on 27/05/2016
    Overall product rating

    I fell in love with this kit as soon as I seen a review about it on youtube and now I have it I cant put the thing down lol. It feels nice, it looks nice and it smokes like a dream ;) I showed my work mates this and 2 of them are now ordering one each for them selves, now all we need to do is learn the jelly fish LMAO :D

  37. Amazing value and quality review by Jamiehaza on 06/05/2016
    Overall product rating

    New to vaping, found this piece off kit outstanding, great packaging and easy too use. The performance is great, would recommend it too anyone. A++

  38. Amazing review by Stan on 21/04/2016
    Overall product rating

    This package is outstanding. If your not a fan of carrying a box around, like me, then this is what you need. All the flavour and experience you can get from a serious vaping kit in a pen.
    Granted it's not as sleek as some pens on the market, but this gives alot more kick.
    You can get to play around with different mods while still staying at a beginners level.
    If you want to smoke without heavy clouds ir with. This will do it. Tho if you need super clouds get a box.

    This pen is robust, heavy duty and pocket size.
    Most importantly seriously stylish. (especially the white one).

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

  39. Lovely piece of kit review by Nik on 20/04/2016
    Overall product rating

    I've been using this for a month now and feel compelled to write a review, especially since some of the other reviews (specifically the guy with the youtube review) influenced my decision to buy this.

    This is my first apollo product and was purchased on offer for £32 after i got fed up with my previous kik vape. The main problem with the old vape was that i wasn't getting a satisfactory hit from it. This is not an issue here.

    I generally vape as a substite for cigarettes and don't really go in for making huge clouds etc. This product is perfect for my simple needs, although i did find out that i can exhale large clouds if i "mouth to lung" vape, although i'm not too keen on doing that. Smoking it normally as you would a cigarette provides a decent enough amount of vapour and a couple of hits at a time is usually enough for me.

    I've been using the 0.5 ohm coils along with the menthol breeze 18mg liquid. I feel this liquid works well and is certainly better than some others (for example, the cherry limeade liquid seems really thin and as a result, it can hiss and spit and leak. That's just my experience though). I also started using the funky monkey liquid (12mg) and this works well too.

    In terms of maintenance, I've been replacing the coils every 4-6 weeks and i'll take the vape apart every 1-2 days and give it a clean with warm water. I find that if i don't do this, i get a small pool of liquid forming in the bottom near the vent, which can leak out if you tip the vape.

    The battery is great and the green/ blue/ red warning system is really helpful. It charges quickly too.

    Overall, i would recommend this product to anyone who wants to upgrade from a pen vape to something a bit more robust and powerful.

  40. Great kit for a starter review by OMG on 11/04/2016
    Overall product rating

    I've been smoking for 25 years and just switched to e-cigs and found the perfect kit!
    I instantly recommended to my smoke pal and he's got it already.

  41. Value for Money, Easy to use review by Elad on 27/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    Bought this product under promotion for £32. I couldn't be happier with this and would have been happy if I'd spent full price. Easy to use, long battery life, great vapour - taste and volume and just an all round brilliant product. One suggestion: offer a free bottle of e-liquid to as many other starter packs do this and this may persuade people to buy another, inferior, brand.

  42. A step up review by Michelle on 27/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    I decided to upgrade my vaping experience after being very frustrated by the quality and customer service of the brand I used before.

    I did some research and the Apollo OHM Go Kit immediately caught my eye. If you like the style of an e-pen cigarette with the clouds of a box unit then this is the product for you. Easy to set up - great build quality - feels nice in your hands - the battery lasts all day and (so far) no leaking at all.

    A few notes from my personal use which may be handy for others - I tend to get through coils quite quickly with the OHM Go but I do smoke it steadily through the day (you can taste immediately when it's time for a change) so spares are a must have - I'm using 1.0 with the PG liquid.
    Strength of e-liquid - I've been using 16mg PG liquid for the 5 months on my old crappy leaky VIP photon (did that sound a little bitter? whoops) so I chose the 12mg PG apollo strawberry when I bought my OHM Go (which tastes amazing) but because this product is so efficient it was far too strong and I immediately went down to 6mg. If you vape to wean yourself off cigarettes, don't be afraid to drastically drop the nicotine strength!

    For anyone who's on instagram, search #apolloohmgo to see the clouds I have got from this product

  43. Fantastic Small Sub Ohm Kit review by Ben on 17/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    Fantastic little device , very smart design , feels very well made & gives a very good vape with plenty of flavour , I can't believe how much better it is than my old Apollo Valiant !
    Using it with Fa-Q Pink Nova & it tastes great with plenty or cloud ,
    Over all very happy with it , looks great in white !

  44. stunning piece of kit review by chris on 14/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    I have tried a few different companies products but nothing can match Apollo for quality products and customer service

  45. Very good review by Greg on 11/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    I bought this as a step up from a vape pen, had a look at various others, but this seemed to be just what I needed, when it arrived I was very impressed with the quality of the product, for £40, can't beat it. Easy to refill no fuss or bother, clouds of vape, a and adjustable air flow which is useful, battery lasts a day and half, purchased a spare so don't run out, thing looks good too. Very pleased.

  46. Excellent Vape! review by NickSB on 05/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    Bought this kit after reading the great reviews about it and wasn't disappointed! Had a problem with a split 'O' ring on the tank but this was rectified straight away with a new tank being shipped out the same day the problem was reported! Amazing customer service and an amazing product. Feels good, looks good and vapes good!

  47. Very good review by Irri on 04/03/2016
    Overall product rating

    A good quality product. Works well, with little fuss.

  48. Brilliant review by Pidge on 24/02/2016
    Overall product rating

    I've been using this kit for about 4 weeks now. I used to vape with the cheap ego unbranded batteries but got tired of how unreliable they were. I used the ego battery with a Innokin iClear clearomiser and had to puff on that thing 15 times to get a good hit. Now I use this OHM Go kit by Apollo and its the best thing since sliced bread. The portal tank tastes great and gives off plenty of vapour, Really hits the throat and after 5 hits, I'm happy. You can also adjust the airflow on the tank which is great. I'm a heavy vaper and the battery lasts me around 1 and a half days. ( I used to go through 1-2 1100Mah Ego Batteries a day before). So the battery life is great for me. You buy this kit here for £40, Get a spare battery for £22 and you've got a superb vaping kit for just over £60. Bargain in my opinion and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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Technical description

OHM Battery

  • Dimensions: 0.74” D x 4.06” H
  • Weight: 2.13 oz
  • Min Resistance: 0.3Ω
  • Wattage Range: 5-50W (Self-Adjusting)
  • Max Firing Time: 15 Seconds
  • Battery: Built-in 1900mAh Lithium Ion
  • Working Voltage: 3.0-6.0V
  • Charging: Via Micro USB Cord (500mAh) - Pass-Through Charging
  • Threading: 510

PORTAL Top-filling Tank

  • Dimensions: 0.74” D x 1.65” H (without drip tip)
  • Weight: 1.48 oz (with drip tip and coil)
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, & Pyrex Glass
  • Capacity: 2ml (TPD compliant)
  • Adjustments: Adjustable Airflow
  • Coil Ranges: 1.0Ω Coil: 10-20W
  • 0.5Ω Coil: 20-30W
  • 0.3Ω Coil: 30-50W (sold separately)
  • Threading: 510
  • Drip Tip: 510 Compatible

Vaping with Apollo

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette/ e-cig as they are often called, is simply a battery powered electronic device that holds an e-liquid containing nicotine. The liquid is heated until it produces a vapour that is then inhaled and exhaled. While nicotine is derived from tobacco, an electronic cigarette does not contain any tobacco and is, therefore, free from smoke, odour, ash and tar.

Is E-smoking expensive?

The cost of vaping may look a little high on the first purchase when you are buying your vaping device, but that is a one-time cost. For example, an e-cig addressed to beginner vapers is no more than £28, and you can even have an all you need e-cigarette kit (with 2 vape pens included) for £49. The more powerful and a little more advanced vaping kits for intermediate users are around £45-£55, while the top advanced vape kits vary from £100 up to £120.

The money you have to spend every month for the e-liquids and other spare parts like replacement coils is significantly lower than the amount spend regularly on traditional cigarettes.

Are electronic cigarettes more addictive than regular cigarettes?

The fact is the vapour you get from vaping delivers extremely low amounts of nicotine to your body. Considerably less than traditional tobacco smoke. So the saying that one can crave the nicotine in electronic cigarettes more than with traditional cigarettes is totally not funded.

Isn’t nicotine bad for my health?

There is no danger in inhaling the vapours produced by your nicotine infused e-juice. The e-liquids containing nicotine must be kept out of the reach of children and pets, as the ingestion or being in contact with your skin can be harmful. If an unfortunate event has happened, you should seek medical care.

What is the easiest way to start my smoke-free journey?

Apollo is keen to offer nothing but the finest vaping experience, therefore you can choose the vaping kit that best suits your vaping needs. A vape kit that comes with everything may be a good choice. If not, you can choose separately an e-liquid clearomiser/tank, e-cig battery, e-juice and other spares like replacement coil heads. Just make sure they do match.

What is Apollo’s best vape kit for beginner vapers?

First, you should take a look at some of the most useful articles for new vapers. Check the guideline and basic info any new vapers should know on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/Short-guideline-for-new-vapers/. Then you can glance through https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/tips-for-getting-a-new-vaping-kit/.

Now that you have an idea on what vaping really is about, we recommend you to check NEO, Ohm Go or maybe NANO vaping kits. You can find them all on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/vape-kit/begginer-intermediate-vaper.

Shipping information

Where does Apollo Ecigs UK deliver orders?

Apollo is well known for the best vape products selection there is, and also for the quick dispatch of orders. Most orders are shipped the same day, and we deliver to the UK, and Worldwide ( Apollo will not be held responsible for any customs issues if they occur). If you have any questions on shipping, please contact our customer service.

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping is available to U.K. customers with a U.K. shipping address on orders over £30. The UK standard delivery is £2.99 and the UK express shipping is £6.95. EU (including Norway) is just £9.99 (free on orders over £150), and for a Worldwide shipping, you will have to pay £16.99.

When will my order be delivered?

UK orders are usually delivered within 2-3 business days (it should be no wonder to get your vaping goodies the next day), however, please allow up to 15 business days maximum for your order to be received. Europe orders are generally delivered within 5 business days and worldwide ones within 7-10 business days (please allow up to 25 business days for your order to be received).

If you would like express delivery in the UK, we have your back. Orders placed before 3:00 pm Monday - Friday will be delivered before 1:00 pm the next business day. Special Delivery is not guaranteed on a Saturday, although items are successfully delivered the majority of the time.

Which are the payment methods on Apollo’s site?

When at checkout, you can choose to pay for your order via PayPal or credit/debit card. Once you choose to pay with your card, you will be redirected to the Realex website where you have to enter your card details. All payments are being processed via a 3rd party for increased safety. No debit/credit card details are stored by our website. 

Your account / orders / loyalty program

Why should I make an account on Apollo’s site?

We consider it to be more comfortable and handy for our customers to have an account with Apollo. Things are a lot easier when reordering and you also receive reward points you get to spend on your next orders.

How can I do it?

You can create an account during checkout. You will need to enter some personal information and create a password. You can even save your information securely to make re-orders quick and simple, and also view the status of your orders in real time. You must be 18 years or older with a valid shipping address to create an account (check the countries listed in the shipping field of the order/checkout). Your information is NEVER sold to any other company and is kept completely private.

What is Apollo’s fidelity program for customers?

Every time you make a purchase with Apollo Ecigs UK, you receive reward points based on your total purchase amount. 100 points = £1. It's a great way to save on future purchases.

Where can I check the status of my order?

The status of your order can be seen in your account. Please have in mind you need to log in every time you place a new order for vaping products and also to be able to check the status of the orders placed with us. You will also receive email notifications when your order is processing and complete – meaning it was shipped.

My order status is pending/processing. What does this mean?

When your order status shows pending, this means we did not receive payment for it, or the order wasn’t paid. In this case, we recommend you to reorder. The short way of doing this is to go to ‘My account’, check your last order and hit ‘reorder’.

If your order status is processing, this means our team already processed the order and will be shipped soon.

What if I want to cancel an order I placed?

In this case, you can contact us by online chat or give us a call on 020 8240 4464.

Apollo discounts & deals

Are there any discount codes I can use?

Apollo runs some of the most profitable discounts on the UK market. When we run promos, we run them in style. And we make sure you see the sale on every vape product page.

How can I find a good cheap deal on Apollo’s website?

We constantly strive to come up with the best deals on E-juices, Vape Kits, Vaping Clearomisers, Vaporizer E-liquid Tanks, Cartomisers and a wide variety of accessories so your electronic cigarette can match and exceed every single vape expectation. For up to 70% discounted vape supplies, head to https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/outlet-cheap-vaping-products

Returns policy / warranty

How can I return a product?

Apollo is committed to delivering the highest quality of products and services. We are very confident you will be happy with our Apollo products and services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return your order within 30 days (from the receiving date) for a refund or exchange. You can check our Return Policy on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/apollo-return-policy.

What if my electronic cigarette or one of its components are faulty?

When your vape e-cigs or vaping parts of your device are not working, you can go through our series of Blog articles and through FAQs and learn how to fix the most common issues.

If it’s not a user issue, the faulty vaping gear will be replaced by Apollo under the warranty terms. You can check these on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/warranty.


Which are the ingredients inside Apollo’s e-liquids?

All the Apollo e-liquids are made in our state-of-the-art ISO 8 Certified cleanroom facility in Livermore, California.

Apollo’s e-liquid mixologists are not just avid vapers and flavour gurus, they are also experienced chemists with BSc or PhD degrees. Unlike other e-liquid producers, our facility adheres to good manufacturing practices commonly found in the food manufacturing industry. This means a strict protocol and procedure is practised throughout the entire manufacturing process, from recipe development to bottling, to ensure a consistent quality. Apollo e-liquids are guaranteed contaminate free.

We take great pride in the quality of our ingredients. All flavours are made with:

  • USP Grade PG and VG
  • Food Safe Ingredients
  • Laboratory Grade Nicotine

We add no harmful/toxic ingredient inside our e-juices and all of them are suitable for vegetarians.

You can read more about VG/PG on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/what-does-pg-and-vg-stand-for/.

How can I find the right e-liquid for me and what nicotine level should I go for?

There is a wide variety of tobacco e-liquids available on the Apollo Ecigs UK site that can simply satisfy any taste. You can find the right flavour for you by browsing through the great assortment of flavours on the site: tobacco, fruit cocktails, menthol, refreshing drinks, and decadent desserts.

The nicotine levels of the e-juices (0mg up to 24mg) are a bit different than what you used to be smoking, so choosing the best strength can be a bit of a pain. Skip the hassle and find what best suits your needs when vaping both on regular and sub-ohm tanks by reading https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/Short-guideline-for-new-vapers/.

How long can I vape from a bottle of e-juice?

We can’t really help you with this one as, just like the taste, this is an extremely subjective issue. Every vaper uses a different vape setup, approach a certain vape technique and the frequency of vaping is different from one vaper to another.

My E-juice is having a slightly colour change. Why is that?

The e-liquid can change its colour in the bottle, sometimes even before you open it, as a result of oxidation (common chemical reaction). E-juices containing nicotine may change their colour when they are exposed to air, light or heat, and sometimes even when they are kept in cool, dark places. However, the important thing to keep in mind is that oxidation is a natural chemical reaction which does not impact the taste of your favourite e-liquid or your desired vaping outcome.

If on the other hand, your e-liquid turns darker inside the clearomiser/tank and you get a slightly burnt taste, it’s time to replace the coil with a new one, throw the burnt tasting e-liquid and wash your tank under warm water (let it dry completely before vaping again).

Clearomisers / Tanks / Coils

How do I know which tank is compatible with a certain battery?

The first thing you have to check on both desired vape components is the threading. Threading available on the market fits 2 main categories – 510 and eGo, but most of them come with adaptors so you can easily switch from one to another.

What coil should I choose?

Coil (atomizer head) resistance is measured in ohms and comes in over 1 ohm for regular devices and under 1-ohm resistance for sub-ohm tanks. The lower the resistance of the coil, the bigger the generated wattage, meaning your coil will get hotter and generate considerably more vapour. You can also find lots of option on our site regarding the material/wicking - https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/the-difference-between-kanthal-clapton-nickel/.

What is the coil’s lifespan?

The lifespan of the coil heads is a couple of days up to 2 weeks time and greatly depends on usage and the style of vaping. However, the coil heads of the clearomiser need to be replaced when it's burnt out. For tips on how to prolong your coil’s lifespan, head to https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/Prevent-your-coil-from-burning/.

When should I replace the coil?

The coil heads of the clearomiser/tank need to be replaced when you start to get a burnt taste, your tank produces little vapour, or is leaking. If you got to the stage your e-liquid is burnt too, it’s time to get rid of it and thoroughly wash your vaping clearomiser/tank under warm water. Don’t forget to prime the new coil before you start vaping.

What can I do if my tank is not working?

This usually happens right after you have changed the coil or refilled your clearomiser/tank. You have to check that your coil is in a good working condition (if not, replace it with a new one), that the coil head is tightly screwed in (finger tight is enough), and that your tank is correctly reassembled.

My tank is not producing any vapour

In this case you have to make sure your coil is well inserted and screwed into the base, otherwise, it will not get in contact with the battery and cannot produce any vapours.

What can I do when my tank leaks?

Having your tank leaking can be caused by many factors. Replacing the coil is the standard fix. If this is not helping, you have to check that the O-rings are in place, your clearomiser is tightly put back together, filled right and that you are using the right e-liquid ratio for the coils. If none of these is causing the leak, it may be due to your style of inhaling – therefore you should only take long and soft drags. Read more on how to avoid and fix the leak on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/how-to-avoid-and-fix-leaks/.

How do I get the desired flavour/vapour?

There are a few tricks you can use to get more flavour with each vape. Have a look at them on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/Chasing-the-flavor-in-the-vape-experience/. If you wish for more vapour, your focus should be on the type of e-liquid you are using (high VG e-juices are recommended in this case), a sub-ohm coil and a higher wattage.


How long the battery last between charges?

It is essential to know how long will the new battery last between charges. Therefore you should pay attention to the battery capacity which is listed in mAh (milliampere-hour). The higher the mAh rating is, the longer the battery will last. Roughly, we can say that 100 mAh equals 1 hour of usage.

The mAh is a good guideline to follow in regards to battery life, but it is hard to say exactly for how long a single charge can last (as it is greatly influenced by your style of inhaling, the surrounding temperature, the resistance you are using it with, etc.).

For tips on how to use your battery properly and increase its lifespan go to https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/A-short-trip-to-battery-land/.

What does pass-through mean?

The pass-through feature means you can use your battery for vaping even when it’s charging.

What is the difference between Manual and Automatic batteries?

Manual batteries have a „press me” button on their bodies to be turned on/off. The actual vapour production and inhale is possible only by pressing and holding the firing button. This transpose into actually having total control over your vape (you can decide how long to drag, how many puffs to take, lock your device when not using it).

Automatic batteries are simply activated when the vaper takes a drag on the e-cig. Yes, is as simple as that – you only have to take a few puffs to turn on this type of battery and its simplicity is often the reason why many vapers choose this type of battery at the beginning of their vaping journey. The thing with automatic batteries is that they have an approximately 5 seconds discontinuation between drags.

What are the variable voltage (VV) and variable wattage (VW) setting about?

Basically, Voltage is the amount of energy in a device and Wattage is the amount of work that is done in a unit of time. When you are using a device with VV settings, you are telling it to send a certain amount of energy through the circuit. When it comes to VW settings, you are telling your device how much work to be done, and the vaping device figures out the voltage needed to overcome the resistance. Read more on https://www.apolloecigs.co.uk/news/Variable-Voltage-Wattage-on-the-Ecigs/.

Why should I choose an advanced battery/mod?

The most advanced batteries (usually known as vape mods or box mods) are really powerful and feature wattage/temp control for an enhanced, fulfilling, over the top vaping performance. You have a wide variety of coils they can cope with and you can play yourself with their settings until your reach the kind of flavour, throat hit and the clouds you are aiming for.

What are the 18650 batteries?

The 18650 battery is a versatile rechargeable accumulator meant for internal use, being the vape industry battery of choice for most of the box mods on the market. The 18650 batteries have a great lifespan and a wide power output. Apollo sells only the best genuine brands available.

How can I turn on/off the e-cig battery?

First, you have to check that your battery is fully charged – Apollo batteries are partially charged upon arrival, but we recommend to fully charge them once you receive it. As you can see in the user manual that came with your e-cig battery/ vape kit, most of the Apollo branded batteries can be turned on by pressing the firing button 5 times in quick succession. Once turned on, you can push and hold the button while you inhale. We strongly recommend you to let your device fire for a second, and then inhale (so that the e-liquid has enough time to get to vapour state). You should always turn off your device when it is not in use to avoid accidental activation.

What to do when the battery does not take charge?

You have to check that you have a compatible battery charger. If you have the right one, and still the battery is not charging, we recommend you to use a wall adapter for charging it, rather than a laptop or any other source for the USB cable. If this doesn’t work, please return it to us and we will send you a replacement battery if your electronic cigarette battery it’s still under warranty.

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