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I started smoking when i was 14 years old. I have watched all my grandparents die from smoking at a very young age. Yet i am 34 and still smoking. My boyfriend and his brother quit on apollo ecigs so i thought i would give it a try. They taste great! I am 3 weeks smoke free. I just started a new professional job and didnt want to be the girl who smells like smoke - not to mention i am starting to see the affects of smoking on my appearance. My 7 year old son was begging me to quit and honestly i was sick and tired of cigarettes controlling my day. I can go anywhere and smoke it and i have referred apollo to several friends who have now quit smoking too! It has changed my life and i look forward to being able to hike again and enjoy nature! Thank you Apollo for saving me from a miserable and always feeling sick life! You are doing wonders in peoples lives and you just keep coming out new and improved products! and i have lost weight! woohoo! Thank you so much :) Mollie Schneide
"After smoking for almost 10 years, I finally decided to move on. I tried two different kinds of ecigs, both of which were very cheap and faulty. I had almost given up when I stumbled across the Apollo website. I ordered a standard kit (which I received 2 days later) and I can't believe the difference. The batteries last longer, The cartridges last longer (and taste better), and there is way more vapor than the others. Not only is the product better, but their customer service is astonishing. My emails were answered within minutes and they even called me to make sure I was happy with my purchase. This company is awesome and I've been recommending them to everybody I know. Thanks Apollo!"

Michael Monachese - Atlanta, Georgia
"Every time I see somebody who pulls out a piece of gum struggling not to pull out another cigarette, I always offer them to try my Apollo E Cig and they are ALWAYS very interested in where I got it. I always tell them, Apolloecigs.com! Love your product and I havnt had a full cigarette in so long now I can't even count the days! You guys have BY FAR the BEST customer service, every time I need help with something I go straight to Dave, no one else! He helps me with everything I need every time I need it. Thanks Apollo for saving years of my life!" Chad Martin
"Take it from me, a pack-a-day guy for 30 years that has tried everything to quit with the stinky 'analogs' If you are thinking about getting into the ECIG lifestyle or if you are looking to upgrade to the real thing, look no further than the folks at Apollo. Superior service, the best warranty in the industry(trust me, I did the research) and their products are top notch. I just received my TGO tank unit and it’s exactly what I have been looking for, all day battery, big tank, and huge vapor volume. Very satisfied with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone - 5 out of 5" Kevin - from the Great White North
I have been a smoker for 19 years now and I never seen the worries of my family about it until the day my wife appears with a cancer insurance. That day I start to look for solutions to that dilemma. It was then when I see news about the electronic cigarettes. However I’m very cautious person and skeptical too. So I start a personal investigation about the subject. In this investigation I found several problem with the made in china electronic cigarettes, regarding their quality and durability. So I start to search for made in USA only. At that moment I found Apollo, there are no china made but was the fact that they are the owners of their production and R&D labs what give me the serenity, as a chemist, this said much to me. I continue my search and I only found excellent reviews to the Apollo e-cigarettes, so I order it. They were in my house fast and I can say that it was love at the first puff. Tons of vapors, great taste, quality product. It’s been almost a week since that and a week since I touch a traditional cigarette. Yesterday I ask to my wife about their opinion about the electronic cigarette and she said, 'well, no more health worries, no more bad odors, we are saving money and the taste of your kisses are great, so I love it' Thanks Apollo." Hector J. Caraballo - Puerto Rico
"I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Apollo ecigarette! I am glad that there is a much healthier alternative to smoking because, frankly, I like to smoke. I did extensive research on the web before concluding that Apollo ecigarettes are THE best deal out there! You get a lot of product for an excellent price. I find that Apollo ecigarettes are a great conversation piece. It gives me an opportunity to tell people what a fine product you have. Will I recommend Apollo ecigarettes to others? Without a doubt!!"

Sarah Sinner - Pinedale, Wyoming
"For the past five years I have settled with the notion, I would be a smoker for life. Family and friends advised about the repulsive aroma I would carry with me, reminiscent of an overflowing ashtray. Looking into the mirror, I would be disheartened at the sight of my tobacco stained teeth, wrinkles at the age of 21, and relentless coughing fits. Electronic cigarettes were going to be my final attempt at leaving the pack behind. I experimented with an alternative electronic cigarette company, with a starter kit over $100! After spending this exorbitant amount on the competitions product, I used it for three hours. The taste and the feeling were not the same and the single lithium ion battery died after a complete charge, before noon! I purchased my favorite brand of cigarettes at the corner store, and smoked a pack daily for another year. My unavoidable tobacco reliance instantly came to a halt when a good friend introduced me to Apollo electronic cigarettes. He gave me an Apollo Disposable Ecig that I appreciated each of the five hundred puffs. Before I could finish the disposable device, I ordered the Apollo Standard Starter Kit. My teeth are is whiter, my lungs are less restricted and battery life is never an issue. Apollo provides a well-engineered alternative consisting of two long-lasting lithium batteries, the portable charger pack and versatile USB charger. I am pleased because I have left the pack behind for the satisfying taste and feel provided by Apollo, definitely not a run-of-the-mill product."

Jason Paolasini from Canada
I recently had a spinal surgery and one of the first things my surgeon told me was that I needed to quit smoking because the carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke restricts the oxygen flow to the incision, which could impair the healing process. I had tried nicotine gum, patches and even prescription smoking cessation products but had short term success with any of them and they cost me a considerable amount of money. Then about a month before my surgery date, a relative showed me his e-cigarette and told me how successful it was in helping him quit. I ordered the brand he recommended, and haven't had a cigarette since the shipment came. However, the brand he recommended failed relatively soon after purchase so i looked around online and found Apollo. Luckily I still had enough of the other brand to get me through until my order from Apollo arrived (which was unbelievably fast). Needless to say I was THRILLED at the quality, selection and customer service at Apollo, and didn't end up spending a small fortune finding a quality product. Now I am telling every smoker I know, because most want to quit "smoking" but still want their nicotine and not the discomfort that comes with quitting. I am now saving a ton of money, healing rapidly, and no longer reek of a stinky ashtray!! Thank You Apollo, you have a customer for Life, and many more that I am sending your way!!

P.S. All my pets thank you also for saving them from their Daddy's secondhand smoke:)"

Christopher Krodel - Kenosha, WI
"I was referred to you by my friend. I purchased the Apollo Standard Kit and fell in love with it after using it for a few days! The PCC box is awesome - looks slick, charges my batteries any time any where I needed, and holds so many cartridges that I never need to worry about running out of juice :). It even shows how much power is left in the box! And the most important thing is I do not need to worry about the bad smell now when i see my friends! Thank you so much for creating such a nice product. I will certainly recommend it to my friends!" 

Maria Jones - Boston, MA
"I wanted to tell you how much your product has changed my life in just a few days. I hope my testimonial can inspire more people to quit smoking. If I can do it anybody can. I have been a heavy smoker for over 50 years and for the last 10 years at least, I have been pressured to quit by my family, especially my wife and daughter. My wife has cried and begged me to quit because she sees my health being compromised by the cigarettes. My daughter just gave up trying and would not even hug me because she said I smelled like cigarettes. I stubbornly refused to even discuss it and had no intentions to quit. Twenty months ago, my reason to quit came in an 8 pound bundle named Viviana. My first and probably only grandchild grabbed my heart and still has it firmly in her hand. I fell in love, hopelessly, head over heels, crazy in love with this amazing child. She and she alone motivated me to quit smoking. But that was easier said than done. Fifty years of addiction is hard to overcome. I tried cold turkey, tried the gum, the pills, accupuncture, and nothing worked. My wife saw these electronic cigarettes and we decided they were worth a try. I first ordered the Apollo Disposible to see if I would even like the idea of it. I was very skeptical, so imagine my surprise when I not only liked it, but loved it. I was just sorry that I had to wait a couple of weeks to get my kit. I ordered the Apollo Standard Kit with medium tobacco flavor and it arrived last week and I am now 6 days without a real cigarette. That is really good for me. I have never went this long without a cigarette. And I know I will never smoke one again because I really love this Apollo E-Cig. I always have a battery charged and waiting and I can still carry a "pack" in my pocket, but better still, I can smoke one in places I could not smoke before. If I get a craving in the middle of a store, I just take it out of my pocket and take a few puffs and put it back. I no longer have to spend part of my day on the porch smoking. I can smoke on car trips, after dinner at the table, in the movies, and best of all, in my easy chair. My wife kissed me last night and started crying. I know I am not that sexy anymore so I ask her why she was crying and she said that was the first time I did not taste or smell like cigarettes. These Apollo cigs will improve your love life! I am living proof. I thank you Apollo for giving me many more years with this wonderful child!"

Benny Lillard, Texas
"I do music and just crave to smoke but I know smoking is bad to my health. I stumbled on your web site when I was doing research about alternative smoking and decided to buy your standard kit. I had no problem with your product whatsoever, and really love the different flavors of taste, especially the coffee one - so I am satisfying my craving for both coffee and nicotine with your product now! It is an amazing device. Good job, Apollo!"

Matt A. Griffith, London, UK
"I have been smoking for almost 8 years and just can not live without the cigarttes. I really hate to rush out of office to a dirty corner to get my puffs, especially when it rains. Now I do not need to suffer it any more after I started to use the Apollo ecigarettes. I can just enjoy the feell and taste of Apollo ecigs and never need to leave my desk any more!" 

Derek Hall - Seattle, Washington
"Man, I love Apollo ecigs now! I have a boat and like to cruise around the bay, but it was impossible to smoke a regular cigarette with the wind! Now I can take out of my Apollo and enjoy it whenever I want to while I am cruising. This is unbelievable. I wish I had got this device years ago!"

Mike J. Smith - San Francisco, CA 
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