Apollo is the Best Brand for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced E-Cig Users

As you venture into the world of e-cigarettes, with Apollo, you're never alone. Our stellar support staff and wide selection of products allow us to provide for every kind of e-cig user, even if your vaping tastes change. This guide will help you learn about e-cigarettes and find the kit that's right for you.

How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes consist of 3 basic components: a battery, a heating element, and e-liquid. When you're using an e-cig, the heating element heats up e-liquid, turning it into vapor. Each component can affect the performance of the e-cigarette, and we carry the products that we've found to be the best.


The battery is what supplies the heating element with power. The larger the battery, the longer you can use it before recharging. Larger batteries also provide more vapor. Our batteries fit into 3 different categories:

Cig-A-Like Batteries

Cig-a-like batteries are our most compact batteries, close to cigarette size and perfect for on-the-go and starting the transition to e-cigs.

eGo/EVOD Batteries

eGo/EVOD batteries are our second-level of power. They offer day-long power capacity and incredible vapor when paired with one of our eGo/EVOD clearomisers. These are perfect for intermediate e-cig users.

VV/VW Batteries

Advanced batteries allow you to control your vapor production, unleashing incredible vapor possibilities only limited by your own preferences. These are for advanced users who want the highest caliber available in the vaping world.



Heating Elements

The heating element is the part that heats the e-liquid into vapor. They are referred to as "cartomisers" or "clearomisers." Cartomisers are designed for our cig-a-like batteries and clearomisers are for our eGo, EVOD, and VV/VW batteries.

Cartomisers are our easiest to use and most newbie-friendly units. They come pre-filled with e-liquid (or empty if you'd like to fill yourself) so that you can simply attach one to your cig-a-like battery and get started in the e-cig world.

Classic clearomisers are the next step up. They allow you to hold more e-liquid and produce more vapor, while allowing you to see how much liquid is left. They are designed for intermediate e-cig users.

Replaceable-coil clearomisers are the top level of vaping capability. They are based on the same principals as clearomisers, but offer the most vapor of all our heating elements. "Replaceable-coil" means that you can replace the coil head when it eventually burns out instead of buying a whole new clearomiser. They are designed for use with our advanced batteries.




E-Liquids are the actual flavors that are turned into vapor. They are available in multiple levels of nicotine strength, including nicotine-free. Our delicious e-liquids are produced in-house at our Concord, California facility by experienced chemists.


Which Kit is Best for Me?

To make it easy, we have all of these components available in our Vape Kits! Each kit has everything you need to get started right out of the box. We've organized them by what we think is a good recommendation for how many tobacco cigarettes one smokes per day:

Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

Endeavor Kit

10-20 Cigarettes

We recommend the Endeavor Kit. It's an eGo-style kit that uses our Luminous battery (eGo/EVOD compatible) and is compatible with a range of clearomisers. This is our fantastic new intermediate-level kit that's getting great reviews.

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Apollo Vtube 5 kit

VTube Kit

20+ Cigarettes

The VTube Kit is our highest level of vaping performance. It is variable-voltage and variable-wattage, and is able to handle all of our clearomisers with ease. Its performance is simply unparalleled.

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