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eGo/Evod e-cig batteries

The eGo or Evod type batteries are featured in the most popular Apollo starter vaping kits, as they are designed to give an amazing vape to the beginner or intermediate vapers. The best thing about these vape batteries, beside their affordable price, is their compatibility with most atomizers, clearomizers, and eliquid tanks (510/eGo threaded). We always recommend to recharge your electronic cigarette battery using only the compatible USB chargers provided by Apollo and the outlet power adaptor (the recommended way of charging any vaping device).

If you are looking for a more advanced electronic cigarette battery that is still easy enough to be used no matter what your vape knowledge is, we recommend the variable voltage ecig battery - this Evod vape battery gives you the opportunity to adjust the voltage to match your own taste and increase the quality of your vapour.

As all the eGo batteries comes in slim, vape pen size, they usually come in a lower rating (650mah, or 900mah battery capacity). Therefore, a spare e-cig battery will prove to be more than useful for the frequent vapers out there.