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    Apollo OHM 50W Battery

    The OHM 1900 mAh Battery is Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Durable, and Extremely Easy To Use. The 3 sleek finishes will catch your eye, but prepare to be amazed at the clouds this powerful vaping device produces!

    Regular Price: £24.95

    Special Price £23.95

  2. Efest IMR 20700 3100mAh 30A rechargeable battery 2 Pack Efest IMR 20700 3100mAh 30A rechargeable battery 2 Pack

    Efest IMR 20700 3100mAh 30A vape kit rechargeable battery 2 Pack

    The Efest 20700 3100mAh battery is suitable for larger vape kits and mods that require more power. 

    20700 vape batteries are large than standard 18650 vape batteries, so make sure you check the compatibility with your device before use. These batteries feature a 3100mAh capacity with a max. 30A continuous discharge rate.

    Regular Price: £18.45

    Special Price £17.95

  3. BREZ Pod Kit Battery BREZ Pod Kit Battery

    BREZ Pod Kit Battery

    A 320 mAh rechargeable battery with a sleek slim design, with a convenient magnetic charging dongle. It features a led indicator to clearly show the charge level.

    Regular Price: £14.95

    Special Price £10.95

  4. Apollo VTube V5.0 Vape mod (Body Only)

    The new VTube 5.0 vaping mod has been upgraded with Temperature Control and boasts 50W of vaping power. We've upgraded the features to give you complete control over your vaping experience.

    This product comes with complimentary UK free delivery.

    Was: £59.95

    As low as: £39.95

  5. Ecig Battery for Extreme Cig-a-like Vaping Kit

    Apollo batteries are state-of-the-art in Lithium-Ion technology. Designed for long-lasting life and easy to use.
  6. Ecig Battery for Standard Cig-a-like Vape Kit

    Apollo ecigs batteries are designed for long-lasting life, are extremely easy to use and provide the perfect vaping experience.
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6 Item(s)