Meet the new flavors: 30% off for the new RNR Short Fills

By April 16, 2018Promotions, Vape deals
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Meet the new flavors: RNR Black & White


The RNR Black range


Banana Hammock

Bulging with flavor, Banana Hammock is the way to go for your banana fix! A classic twist on fluffy banana cupcake topped with sweet cream! You won’t need a beach to enjoy this Banana Hammock.


General’s Crunch

Who can resist a classic combo like strawberries and cream? General’s Crunch is a sweet succulent strawberries coated in thick sweet cream on top of a tart base for that kick you’ve been looking for!



Are you classy enough to enjoy Haze? Sweet chocolate truffles stacked  on top of smooth hazelnut gelato for a delicious high society treat packed in a bottle!



Who doesn’t love Kylie?! Beautiful, sweet and elegant, Kylie is a juicy, exotic lychee with just a splash a earthy aloe vera to protect her fair nature. We hope you’ll enjoy Kylie as much as everyone does!


Vanilla Custard

In search of a true custard? Look no further! Vanilla custard is that heavy/sweet cream you have been looking for blended with a rich vanilla bean twist!


The RNR White range


Trop Punch

Way better than that old stale colored water from your high school prom, Trop Punch is kicking with flavor! Straight from the cooler and into your favorite e-cigarette, Trop Punch is that fruity juice blend to reminisce on.


Creamy P

What’s more sensual than peaches and cream? Answer; a peaches and cream vape! Juicy, soft peaches covered and coated in a heavy sweet cream to ensure pleasure throughout the day!


Whipped CC

Take a trip to the old country with just one puff! Sweet Italian espresso cake topped with a thick layer of rich, silky soft whipped cream! Whipped CC is ready to take you to places that you would never imagine. The question is, are you ready?



Juicy berries coated in strawberry glaze, it’s no mystery why people are OBSESSED with Mystery! A hit so smooth, Mystery is easily an all day vape for vapers all over the world.


Coco Pop

A reminiscence of growing up camping, Coco Pop is a mouthful of marshmallow soaked in sweet cocoa sandwiched by honey glazed golden graham crackers! Camp fire and sleeping bags not included.

Starting at £10.45 (regular price: £14.95)

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